Positive Discipline Parent Coaching

Positive Discipline Parent Coaching is a powerful process designed to help parents increase their personal learning, effectiveness and fulfillment. Parent coaching can be an important addition to reading a Positive Discipline book for those who seek one-on-one help with a challenging problem, or for those who are geographically unable to attend a Positive Discipline Parent Class.

A Positive Discipline Parent Coach is there to listen, give objective feedback and to support and encourage parents. The coach uses specific skills in addition to experience, wisdom and intuition to help parents achieve their goals as rapidly as possible. Positive Discipline books, resource materials and strategies are used to help parents increase their parenting skills and tools.

Penny Davis, M.A.
Mentone, CA

Penny has been a parent educator and teacher trainer using Adlerian-based theory for 30 years, and a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer since 2003.  She is also a member of the Speakers Bureau.  Penny provides Positive Discipline classes for parents as well as Training for Trainers.  She lives in Mentone, CA.  She also works with childcare/early childhood professionals, teachers, foster parents, social workers and community agencies.

Penny is currently the Director of a Foster Parent Education program.  Her area of specialty is the impact of early chronic trauma (abuse/neglect) on attachment, brain development and behavior, and the importance of using Positive Discipline with this population.

Penny is available by phone for parent coaching and can be reached at 951.255.1067, or
penny@respectful-relationships.com  Penny's parent coaching fees are $80 per hour.

Eva Dwight, BS, MaED
Mesa, AZ

Eva has been in education for 26 years, the last 15 as a junior high counselor. She has employed the powerful tools offered by Positive Discipline in raising her two teenage sons, as well as professionally in support groups, individual teen coaching, and coaching parents toward greater success in raising children to be respectful, responsible, and resilient.

In her private coaching business, she specializes in parenting classes, individual parent coaching, and teen coaching. She provides clients with the resources and encouragement they need to make positive changes in their lives.  You can reach Eva at 480.363.7686 or at endwightccc@gmail.com.  Visit her website, Creative Coaching Conversations, to learn more about Eva.


Dina Emser, M.A.
Eureka, IL


Dina is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Lead Trainer, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband and son in Eureka, Illinois. Dina has 25 plus years of experience as an educator, having worked with children from pre-kindergarten through the 8th grade as both a teacher and school principal.

Currently she works as an educational consultant to schools who wish to learn more about Positive Discipline, and as a parent educator and parent coach.

Dina is available by phone for parent coaching and can be reached at 309-467-4429 or emser@mtco.com. Dina's Parent Coaching fees are $85 per hour.

Cheryl Erwin, MFT
Reno, NV

Cheryl Erwin is the co-author of several "Positive Discipline" books and has more than 20 years experience working with parents of children and teenagers. Cheryl will help you discover your dreams and goals for your family and teach you the skills you need to guide your children toward a happy and successful life. Coaching is available in Cheryl's private office, by Skype, or by telephone at times convenient for you. For fees and details, you can contact Cheryl at (775) 331-6723 or at www.cherylerwin.com.

Lisa Fuller, MSW
Oakland, CA

Lisa has been teaching the seven week Positive Discipline series for four years in the East Bay Area of San Francisco.  She is a compassionate listener who is committed to empowering parents and children through PD's common sense principles.  Lisa's three children (13, 10 & 3) give her many opportunities each day to practice Positive Discipline, make mistakes, try again, and continue to learn.  Lisa has a BA in English from Georgetown University and an MSW from UC Berkeley.

Lisa can be reached by phone at 510.531.3939 or fullhuis@gmail.com

Teresa LaSala, CPDLT
Denville, NJ

Teresa loves her work providing Positive Discipline (PD) training, consultation and parent education through schools, community organizations, child care centers and churches. She teaches an annual 7 week Parenting with Positive Discipline series, and has provided numerous workshops and classes on many topics pertinent to parenting and working with children and children with special needs.

Contact Information:  Teresalasalacpda@aol.com or 973-713-4295

Lynn Marrs, MSW, LICSW
Andover, MN


Lynn Marrs is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Adlerian Certified Professional Life Coach, psychotherapist and school social worker. She is the mother of two grown children and two grandchildren. She lives with her husband in Andover, Minnesota. Lynn has over 20 years of experience working with parents and has worked with children of all ages in her work as a school social worker and psychotherapist.

Lynn is available by phone for parent coaching and can be reached at 763-208-2445 or
lynnmarrs@usfamily.net. Lynn's parent coaching fees are $85 per hour.

Melanie Miller, M.Ed.
Kirkland, WA


Melanie is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and works as a Counselor and Parent Educator. She has a Masters Degree in Education and works as a grade school Counselor. In addition to her Masters Degree, she has earned a certificate of Professional Studies in Adlerian Psychology and has over 200 hours in the study and practicum of William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. In her community of Kirkland, Washington, she teaches Positive Discipline Parenting Classes, provides Positive Discipline Trainings for Parent Educators and is the mother of two children.

Melanie is available by phone for Parent Coaching. You can reach her at 206.579.2172 or
Melanie’s parent coaching fees start at $80 per hour.

Tracy McConaghie, LCSW, RPT
Alpharetta, GA

Tracy is a Parent Educator and Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer as well as an Adlerian psychotherapist and provides workshops for parents and schools.  She has worked as a child and family therapist since 1991 and has been a Certified Positive Discipline Associate since 2007.  Tracy enjoys providing lively, experiential workshops that empower teachers and parents.  She also provides individual Positive Discipline coaching and consulting. 

Contact Information: 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 75
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Work: 770-645-8933

Jody McVittie, M.D.
Seattle, WA

A native Seattleite, Jody McVittie, MD received her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University and did her family medicine residency in California. She worked as a family physician in both California and Washington before shifting to focus on broader community issues that impact all of our health including education, parenting and land use. Currently she consults with school staff, trains parent educators and family medicine residents, teaches parent education classes and provides coaching to teachers and parents. Her dream is to build healthy communities by supporting parents, teachers and students so that they work together in relationships founded on deep mutual respect. Jody is the mother of three young adults who have been some of her best teachers. Jody uses a integrated "ontologic" approach to coaching and her fees are $100/hour.

Jody can be reached at jody@encouragingsolutions.net or 206.782.1595.

Dr. Jane Nelsen
San Diego, CA

Dr. Jane Nelsen is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in South Jordan, UT and San Diego, CA.  Jane is the co-developer of the following two-day training workshops:  

  • Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way
  •  Positive Discipline in The Classroom

Jane’s doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1979 is secondary to the education and experience she achieved from her successes and failures as a mother of seven children. She now shares this wealth of knowledge and experience as a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader throughout the country.

Jane is very well received by school district, teacher organizations, conferences, and parent education networks throughout the world. Letters come in daily from parents and teachers worldwide who have had much success with the principles outlined in her books, workshops, and lectures. She has appeared on Oprah, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Twin Cities Live, and was the featured parent expert on the National Parent Quiz with Ben Vereen.

For more information on Jane Nelsen, or to sign up for a free newsletter, please go to:


Marcilie Smith Boyle, MBA
Oakland, CA

Marcilie Smith Boyle, MBA, is a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and Trainer Candidate, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and a mother of three school-aged children.  Through individual and group coaching, she helps busy working parents grow professionally and personally while remaining true to their values as parents. 

Prior to becoming a coach, Marcilie received her MBA from Harvard Business School, practiced management consulting, and then enjoyed a ten-year career in marketing and sales at the Clorox Company.  As a working mother for seven of those years, she understands the demands put upon working parents, as well as the incredible pull of both parenthood and professional growth.

Marcilie’s approachability and empathy will help you to feel understood and supported, while her focus on results will ensure that you get a return on your coaching investment.  Her style is compassionate and direct; you will feel heard and also stretched, as you draw closer to the life you seek.

Marcilie is available for coaching on topics such as parenting, work/life balance, and personal- and professional-growth.  She meets with local clients at her office in Oakland, and with remote clients over the phone. 

Contact her for a free 30-minute sample session at MarcilieSmithBoyle@gmail.com, or 510-499-7720.  Her website is www.WorkingParenting.com.  

Susi Steiner, M.Ed., CPDT
Los Gatos, CA

Susi is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer who works as a Coach, workshop facilitator and Parent Educator.  She earned her California State Adult Teaching credential with a focus on Parent Education.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education specializing in Educational Technology where she studied the relationship between parents and their children as children learn new skills.  She examined the role of the parent in facilitating, interfacing and developing self reliance in their children during the learning process.  Susi holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Santa Clara University, with a minor in organizational marketing.  As a wife and parent of two, Susi finds that working with other parents, teachers and children in a collaborative way serves to lighten the challenges we all face by putting real experiences on the table and seeking positive, long term solutions.
Susi has been working with school districts, parents and children for over 14 years and currently lives in Los Gatos, California where she is available for in-person or phone coaching.  Her hourly coach fee is $75.  Further information can be found on her website at www.positivedisciplinecoach.com   Her email is susimsteiner@gmail.com and her phone is 408.230.9310.

Samantha Susyn
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Samantha Susyn is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and certified professional and personal coach specialized in life coaching. She is the mother of Davi and lives with her family in São Paulo, Brazil.

Samantha has 5 years of experience as an educator, having worked with children from pre-kindergarten through the 6th grade.

Currently she works as an educational consultant to schools who wish to learn more about Positive Discipline, and as a parent educator and parent coach.

“Positive discipline has been changing my life since I began to learn and use it. My personal and professional relationships are based on caring, sharing, respect and love.”

Samantha's Parent Coaching fees are $100 per hour.

Contact Information: São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 55-11-961073379

Samantha Susyn é certificada em Disciplina Positiva para pais e educadores e como coach pessoal e professional, sendo especialista em coaching de vida. Ela é mãe do Davi e mora com sua família em São Paulo, Brasil. 

Samantha tem 5 anos de experiência como educadora, tendo trabalhado com crianças do infantile até o 6o ano.

Atualmente ela trabalha como consultora educacional para escolas que se interessam em aprender mais sobre Disciplina Positiva e como coach para pais e educadores.

“A Disciplina Positiva tem mudado a minha vida desde de que comecei a aprender e usar esse método. Minhas relações pessoais e profissionais são baseadas em cuidado, respeito e amor.”

Samantha está disponível por telefone, pleo número
55-11-961073379, por skype: samantha schreier susyn ou pelos  e-mails contato@samanthasusyn.com.br / samantha.susyn@gmail.com.

O valor da sessão de coaching para pais ou educadores é de U$100  / R$ 200 por hora.


Barbara Thomas, M.S.
Basking Ridge, NJ

Barbara is a Certified Parent Coach® and Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She offers private coaching and classes for parents and caregivers who want to raise responsible, respectful, and cooperative kids.

She is a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator, teaching children social-emotional character development. She is a Family Trainer with the New Jersey Early Intervention System, and is an Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective or are struggling with a specific issue, you will feel valued and encouraged as you add effective tools to your current repertoire of skills.

Barbara coaches via SKYPE or by phone. Call her at 973-479-8947 or email Barb@BarbaraCThomasCoaching.com. Her web address is www.BarbaraCThomasCoaching.com.

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