Co-Chair - Carol Schilling Dores - Brookfield, CT

Carol Schilling Dores joined the PDA Board in May 2014.  She co-founded Positive Discipline of Western CT, Inc. in 2013, is President of the Board of Directors, and a Certified Parent and Classroom Educator. Carol founded the Brookfield Education Foundation in 2003, to help raise money for innovative education programs for Brookfield schools and the community. Carol graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, majoring in Marketing and Management.  Her skills include Board and Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Management and Marketing. Carol and her husband Bob live in Brookfield, CT. She has two adult sons, Mike in Seattle, and Josh in New York.


Co-Chair - Nadine Gaudin - France 

Nadine Gaudin is a PDCT and a teacher. She has taught for 15 years and stopped in 2014 to only do Positive Discipline. The most important part of her actual work is to train teachers in Positive Discipline. She currently trains the teachers of the public and private schools of State of Geneva (Switzerland). She also trains schools in France where she lives and in international or local schools around the world (Singapore, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Morocco, UK and Netherlands…). She has worked to develop PD in over 40 schools in the past 3 years. She also does TPs and parenting classes. She has been working actively in the French PD association ADPF since it started in 2012 (as a board member, leading the French mentor group, organizing the annual conference…). She has lived in Québec and in the UK and cultural awareness is very important to her as she has a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Bernard her husband and 3 children (16, 14, 12) help her deepen her understanding of PD on a daily basis.  

Adviser - Gina Graham - Peru

Gina Graham, Peru, is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Child Psychologist. Gina has been working for 16 years as a Psychotherapist for children and adolescents. Currently, she is a part of a Ph.D. program in Psychology conducting research on Positive Discipline in Peru. Gina holds a Masters Degree of Health Psychology. She is the author of several educational and therapeutic games for children. Gina is the founder of CRIANZA POSITIVA.

She works actively to spread Positive Discipline, not only in Peru where she lives, but also in other countries in South America, Central America, and Spain. Gina lives in Peru with her family, and she strongly believes that every person in the world can make a difference, and influence a better world.

Board Member - Lois Ingber - Carlsbad, CA

Lois Ingber, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer. As a therapist, consultant, trainer and coach, she has helped families and schools create greater cooperation and mutually respectful relationships for over 25 years. Lois is a frequent presenter at conferences on the topics of Adlerian Psychology, family counseling, parenting and creating cooperative classrooms and schools. She is co-author with Jody McVittie, M.D. of "BRIDGES," a manual for preventing and intervening with school behavior problems. She helped found and currently participates in the "Positive Discipline Mentor Group of Southern California." Lois says the two best things she has done in her life are being married with her husband and being mother to their 13 year old daughter. 

Board Member - Kelly Pfeiffer - Greenville, SC

Kelly Pfeiffer has been teaching Positive Discipline workshops to parents and child care providers for sixteen years. Over the years, she progressed to the Trainer level and later the Lead Trainer level and served on the PDA board in its early years. Her love is training adults so she frequently presents new activities at Think Tank and enjoys donating her time and talents working on the Think Tank Planning Committee. Kelly lives in South Carolina with her husband and teaches Positive Discipline through her business, Think It Through Parenting. 

Advisor - Shuli Zheng - China

Shuli Zheng is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer, China National Certified Psychology Therapist, Vice President of Human Resource Department of China Positive Discipline Association, Member of The North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, and Postgraduate of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Psychology. 

During her Advanced Candidate Training she found her life mission: to teach Positive Discipline and support the PDA. For many years, she has been working with different cultural backgrounds and people in different multinational organizations. She helped set up the Chinese Positive Discipline Association where she serves in the board as the vice president of Human resources supporting a team of 50+ volunteers. She believes through teaching Positive Discipline and serving the PDA, she is supporting the future of the world. Shuli lives in Shenzhen with her husband and her two daughters. She also co-founded an educational organization called Sanyou International Education. She teaches and promotes Positive Discipline to families, schools and communities.

Consultant - Brad Ainge - Salt Lake City, UT

Brad has been involved with Positive Discipline since he graduated from college in 1988.  He is CEO of www.positivediscipline.com and has been working as a consultant with the Positive Discipline Association since the non-profit formed in 2004. Most recently Brad has been in charge of renovating the website and streamlining the customer service department. If you call the PDA, Brad will be the person answering the phone and will make sure you get the answers you need.

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