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We are humbled by the growth of Positive Discipline around the world. So many people in so many countries are receiving the message of love and creating respectful relationships in homes and schools. We cherish our international community!

Save The Dates

The Positive Discipline Association is collaborating with ICASSI (International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes) so that as a Positive Discipline member, you can attend Conference, Think Tank and ICASSI back-to-back! 

Save the Date for Think Tank 2017 - Click Here for Details

Positive Discipline Think Tank: July 13-14, 2017

Positive Discipline Conference: July 15, 2017

International Summer Institute ICASSI 2017 July 16 to July 29 

Location: Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

What is ICASSI?  ICASSI is a non-profit educational organization with an international mission to promote the study of Individual Psychology as taught by Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. In addition to the Rudolf Dreikurs Summer Institute, many ICASSI faculty members support related initiatives throughout the year giving lectures and presentations, helping with training programs and encouraging development of Adlerian associations in various nations. ICASSI and its faculty members also support publication and translation of Dreikurs’ original works. Come take part in a tradition that is celebrating its 50th year of offering courses in Adler/Dreikurs theory and practice for psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, educators, managers, parents, children and youth, persons seeking professional and personal growth!

ICASSI offers:

  • A renowned international faculty
  • Classes for adults, youth and children
  • One or two week attendance options
  • Multi-cultural learning and dialogue
  • A stimulating, intimate learning environment coupled with opportunities for relaxation, fun and lasting friendships

50th Annual Rudolf Dreikurs
International Summer Institute ICASSI 2017
July 16 to July 29: Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

Courses include:

  • Adler-Dreikurs Approach to Clinical Interventions
  • Trauma, Recovery, and Growth
  • Individual Psychology in the Workplace
  • Encouragement
  • Leadership Development
  • Addictions
  • Life Style Analysis and Early Memories
  • Using Art Therapy
  • Adlerian Psychodrama
  • Emotions and Private Logic
  • Couples and Family Counseling
  • Group Dynamics
  • Parenting
  • Cooperative Problem Solving
  • Life Coaching

     • And many more . . .


Registration Links below for Spanish, French and English

Shanghai, China 2016 ACT

Shanghai ACT with Chinese Translation

Steven Foster and Lori Onderwyzer with Susie Zhang assisting: The following Trainer Candidates attended this ACT in Shanghai, China with Chinese Translation. Thank you to Shuli Zhen and Liu (Lynn) Wang for their work providing translation throughout this 5-day bi-lingual ACT. Congratulations to the following:  Yihan (Louisa) Lu, Min Nuo, Lixia Yang, Yuanyuan Xue, Jane Ding, Jian Yang, Zhu Li, Jing Zhou, Amy YU, Jianyun OU, Karima Gerile, and Ariel Cong.

EAST COAST conference 2016

The Positive Discipline Association East Coast Conference took place October, 22nd in Stamford, Connecticut. A huge thank you to the PDA Board of Directors and conference volunteers who worked to make this conference possible. The conference was attended by teachers, school counselors, therapists, social workers, and parents. Many participants were learning about Positive Discipline for the first time. Thank you to NASAP for co-sponsoring this event.

Presentations included: Lois Ingber, The Art of Encouragement, Chantal Bourges, The Power of Connection, Mary Nelsen Tamborski,  Mistakes Parents Make in the Name of Love, Carol Dores, Building Relationships and Resiliency with Children Adversely Affected by Trauma, and Kathleen McClay, Bringing the Positive Discipline Approach to Preschool Classrooms and Schools. Mary Nelsen Tamborski, was the keynote speaker. Mary shared her personal and professional experiences in her keynote: Positive Discipline--The Second Generation.

Research Update

The randomized control group study designed by Eva Dreikers Ferguson in collaboration with the Positive Discipline Association is continuing with strong support from Positive Discipline Parent Educators and Trainers. Carol Dores and Robin Eckstein completed data collection this month in Connecticut. Thank you to Angela Molnar and Debbie Brooks for their support with data collection in Connecticut. Also, much appreciation to Prince of Peace Preschool for providing the space for the data collection and 6 week classes.  Joy Sacco and Christine Salo-Sokolowski completed intakes and are currently teaching the 6 week parenting class in the San Diego area. Kristin Nasman and Cubba Reese led research efforts in Seattle with support during intake sessions from Jennifer Watanabe and Briana Nasman. Bellevue College Parent Education Program supported the study as well by allowing Kristin and Cubba to use space at the college for data collection and the 6 week parenting classes. There are currently 124 families participating in this research. We are thrilled that two more parent educator groups are currently planning to replicate the study in California. All participants attend a pre-intake session, where surveys are completed by both parents and children. Families are then randomly assigned to experimental or control groups. Dr. Ferguson and her graduate assistants are working with data as it is sent to their University lab. We appreciate their collaboration and focused efforts. 

Please contact Kelly Gfroerer at Kelly@PositiveDiscipline.org if you are interested in learning more and helping with this effort which is an important step toward Positive Discipline Parent Education being recognized as a Best-Practice and Evidence-based.

Committee and TAsk Force Updates

Mentor Committee

The Mentor Committee is currently working on the following projects.
  • Streamlining and improving information to be used as a resource in mentoring partnerships. This information will be available on the PDA website when complete.  These documents include: Qualification and Guidelines for Mentoring; Request for Mentor Form; Mentoring Partnership Form; Exit Questionnaires to evaluate the partnership and help those mentored to identify next steps.
  • The committee is in the process of writing a new welcome letter which will help inform new members of mentoring options available. 
  • The committee created a list of global "Country Liaisons”. This list is located on the PDA website.
  • A live mentoring platform modeled after the European mentor group will be launched January 2016 using Zoom. The first meeting will be January 21st from 11am to 1:15pm EST.  A Zoom invitation with instructions for joining this on-line meetings will be sent through the list serve.
  • list of mentor groups is now available on the website. 

If you have a mentor group not currently listed on the PDA website, please email the group information to info@positivediscipline.com, so it can be added as a resource in your local area.

Positive Discipline 2016-2017 Task Forces:

The following Task Forces are working on specific tasks needed to support the PDA. If you were not at Think Tank and would like to contribute on any of the following Task Force work, please email info@positivediscipline.org.

2016-2017 Task Forces include:  

Research Task Force. This group is focused on continued efforts to support parent and school evidence-based studies.

Think Tank 2018 Location Task Force. This group successfully completed a 3-month exploration of location options for Think Tank in 2018 in San Diego. 

Translation Task Force. This group is working on translating Positive Discipline forms needed in other languages (for example Guide to Facilitating Core Workshops and ACT forms). These volunteers also contribute by helping translate other PDA communication (for example email announcements), so our members can receive this information in their native language.

Announcing New Trainer Candidates

Stephanie Hogan

Camana Bay, Cayman Islands

Stephanie has integrated Positive Discipline into her family life, parenting, and work as an educator. As a summer camp Director, Stephanie implements Positive Discipline in working with campers as well as her staff. Stephanie’s intent is to spread the joy of Positive Discipline, Adlerian and Dreikurs' theories, to those around her. She is most interested in working on the east coast of the United States facilitating Positive Discipline Parenting and Educator courses in support of families, schools and the summer camp world.

Email: stephlhogan@gmail.com

Cell: 345-938-7837

Curtis Miller

Battle Ground, Washington, USA

Curtis Miller leads a coalition in Battle Ground, Washington (www.connectbg.org) with a vision to create a community of caring adults and kids partnered to transform lives through connection. This vision rose out of a response to suicide and substance abuse, and it was determined early in the development of the coalition that the focus of the prevention work would be on increasing belonging and significance as a community. The organization is now made up of 135 people with strong relational connections between organizations in six sectors (education, faith, business, government, art and health) operating from a Collective Impact framework. Curtis intends to teach and guide the school district, parents and community members. He also intends to be a resource for other communities, as well as train other educators to teach classes in order to build resilience in the younger generation. Curtis intends to complete the training offered by the Positive Discipline Association so that he can teach and guide his area school district, parents and community members. He hopes to train other educators to teach parenting classes and work in the classroom. “In combining the theories of Alfred Adler, Positive Discipline and information regarding the behavior of children affected by trauma, our community has developed a comprehensive resilience building strategy that is currently being applied. Increasing access to Positive Discipline for our educators, parents and community volunteers is critical to expand the impact of our strategy. Our goal is to improve the student to adult ratio with an increase of skilled caring adults in order to build resilience in our younger generation.”

Email: curtis@connectbg.org

Cell: 360-798-9989

Maria Gabriella Ottati Pino

Guayaquil, Ecuador

As a School Principal, Maria understands the importance of modeling Positive Discipline. Maria uses Positive Discipline to teach life skills to children, parents and teachers. She has encouraged and facilitated her team’s Positive Discipline education, and now has more than 35 certified teachers and 6 parent educators working with her. Her team is also spreading Positive Discipline to parents through information classes, articles and most importantly, through their own children’s experiences in class meetings and other Positive Discipline related activities.

Email:  mottati@uedelta.k12.ec

Cell: 593994000364

Sonja Sutcliffe

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

As a Pastoral Deputy Head Teacher, Sonja shares Positive Discipline and advocates the use of Positive Discipline in her school. Sonja shares, “In particular, in the Middle East, culturally, ideas and beliefs about child raising/discipline can be somewhat dated and rather punitive. I want to have the knowledge, skills and experience to make changes in these cultures.” Currently, Sonja’s school is in the process of embedding restorative approaches into their relationship management policy. Sonja aspires to be a Positive Discipline trainer in order to help solidify and build upon the work they have already undertaken with restorative approaches. She hopes to train the whole staff, eventually having all the parents attending workshops, as well as to share Positive Discipline with other schools in her region.

Email: sutcliffesonja@yahoo.co.uk 

Cell: +966506586488

Aryn Jorgensen

Fresno, California, USA

Aryn uses Positive Discipline daily in her work as a school psychologist. She hopes to train the entire school and implement Positive Discipline school-wide. She uses Positive Discipline activities in her social skills lessons. Positive Discipline is such a good framework for positively impacting students because it emphasizes treating everyone with respect, kindness, and compassion.

Aryn shares “Positive Discipline has changed my role both at the schools where I work as well as at home with my own children. I have shifted from being an enforcer to truly focusing on providing support and love through teaching and guidance. We use family meetings to get the whole family on board and effectively make change at home. It helps my kids to feel that they have a voice and a venue to discuss anything they want. At school, I find I have a better understanding of why some of the children struggle and what I can do to help them. I am so excited to go on to the next stage of becoming a Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate!”

Email: ajorgensen@fcoe.org

Cell: 559-916-8161

Aaron Norikane 

Seattle, Washington, USA

Working with youth, families and youth workers for over 25 years has given Aaron a lot of opportunities to work with different discipline models. He came across Positive Discipline four years ago, and believes it’s the best way to support youth. Earlier this year he started working with Sound Discipline and through this is experiencing Positive Discipline activities, workshops and training. Going forward he plans to use Positive Discipline to give teachers, educators and youth development professionals the tools they need to empower, support and engage the youth they work with in mutually respectful relationships. He’s also looking to facilitate PDC workshops, individual workshops, and Parenting classes. Aaron feels extremely lucky to be able to share this amazing work with educators and community members. 

Email: asnorikane@hotmail.com

Cell:  206-856-6206

Jing Yuan

Nanjing, China

Jing holds public welfare lectures and facilitates Positive Discipline parenting classes, both live and online. She focuses on helping parents grow and develop as parents. Jing feels by the change she observes in parents’ awareness and parenting style. She feels a strong sense of mission and value. Jing’s goal is to continue to share Positive Discipline parenting methods with more parents, as well as develop further in the Positive Discipline field. She hopes to increase her own professional knowledge to provide more support to the parents in her community.

Cell: 13813980508

Cristina Martinez

Lima, Peru

Cristina uses Positive Discipline tools in her family life and work. From these experiences she felts inspired to learn and do more. After experiencing the effects of Positive Discipline in her own family, Cristina became certified in Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way and Positive Discipline in the Classroom. She has been teaching parents and is amazed at the changes she sees. Cristina’s goal is to keep teaching parents and educators in Peru (and in other countries), and to share these tools with the people who need them the most. 

Email: criss.contacto@gmail.com

Cell: 0051987704755

Jennyfer Raden

Seattle, Washington, USA

Jennyfer views Positive Discipline as a powerful tool for change. Jennyfer first had exposure to Positive Discipline from parent educators in the Seattle cooperative preschool system.

Throughout her career as a counselor, she studied what science says about how people relate to one another well. Becoming a Certified Positive Development Trainer will provide additional tools for Jennyfer to help people build their capacity for kind and compassionate relationships throughout their lives: at home, at school, at work and in their communities.

Jennifer shares, “When I successfully complete the CPDT, I will continue to work with the small cooperative school my children attend to develop its system-wide prosocial capacity in an individualized and sustainable way. I would like to offer workshops to parents and teachers about using Positive Discipline in their lives. I will create several short one hour presentations for the audiences I interact with: students, parents, teachers, camp counselors; administrators in public and private schools, parent-educators in the Seattle College system and the wider Seattle community.”

Email:  jen@raden.org

Cell: 206-850-4624 

Salwa Alhawsawi

Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Salwa was amazed with the results when she applied The Mistaken Goals Chart in her own family. Because of this, she decided to teach mothers what she had learned. It took her three years to prepare for her first parenting class.  

This year, she quit her job and decided to work for herself, completely revamping her website (www.salwa4ct.com). She plans to introduce educational lectures and courses, as well as coach parents with misbehaving children by using Positive Discipline. She also hopes to become a global partner with the Positive Discipline Association.

Cell: 00966503602169

Maricarmen Gambin Pallares

Alicante, Spain

Positive Discipline has had a great impact on Maricarmen’s work as a mother and family therapist. She regularly teaches workshops and her intention is to become a trainer of trainers to provide resources, training and support, and to collaborate and encourage parents and educators who wish to apply training both in their daily lives and in their educational settings. She is eager to grow professionally, share, learn and deepen her knowledge of Positive Discipline and the theories of Adler and Dreikurs.

Email: carmengambin@hotmail.com

Cell: 647993737

Vivian Lyu

Guangzhou, China

Vivian has worked as a trainer and project management for 12 years. In 2014, she began her study of Positive Discipline and became a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Classroom Educator in 2015. Vivian has given nearly 30 Positive Discipline lectures.

One of Vivian’s aspirations is to combine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Positive Discipline as a way to show loving care to children of factory workers in China who must leave their children behind in their hometowns in order to go to work. The goal would be to help these parents strengthen the relationships with their children and improve their parenting methods.

Vivian shares: “Being a certified PD trainer candidate offers me an opportunity to study and master the theories, teaching methods and practical application of Positive Discipline in a deeper manner as an candidate trainer and to internalize the core concepts, techniques and methods of Positive Discipline in a more thorough way, as well as to be comprehensively qualified and capable as a trainer, so as to realize the professionalism and systematization of the promotion of the Positive Discipline.”

Vivian has also given lectures for parents in her daughter’s school, Guangdong Experimental High School, a public school in Guangzhou. The leaders, teachers and psychology teachers of the School also participated in her lectures. In September this year she started SEL courses for students in junior high school.

Email: vivianlujing@hotmail.com 

Cell: 8613922494588

Brenda Rollins

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Brenda has been an educator at Santa Rosa Charter School since 1996. Over the years, she has taught parenting classes for parents with children in preschool through middle school. When she joined the teaching staff at Santa Rosa Charter School in 2002, she received additional training in Positive Discipline with trainers at her school, at the Family Education Center and with other Positive Discipline trainers, including Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen.

For the past three years, she has been attending classes on the neuroscience of learning through the University of Washington. All neuroscience of learning reinforces Positive Discipline.

Within the next four years, Brenda plans on getting her Master’s degree in education, and eventually her Doctorate, using neuroscience to support the use of Positive Discipline as classroom management.

Cell: 707-484-0569

Audrey Wahl

Vésenaz, Switzerland

Audrey runs a small private school in Geneva that promotes children’s academic, as well as personal development. For the past two years, all teachers in the school have been teaching using Positive Discipline. In becoming a Trainer Candidate, Audrey wishes to support teachers and provide even more tools for children. Audrey has been working to learn tools for fulfillment and self-development as a new parent as well.

Audrey wishes to support teachers and build the schools’ philosophy around the tools of Positive Discipline. 

Cell: +41763785956

Yuli Sun

Beijing, China

Positive Discipline has helped Yuli learn tools for cooperation and problem solving. In September 2014, she became a parent lecturer. By the end of 2014, she, along with two friends, co-founded The Happy Workshop. This experience helped her understand that "all problems in life are problems of relationship." Yuli and her team have conducted over 17 parenting classes, 4 adolescent parenting classes, 2 advisory groups, and they have spoken at hundreds of lectures.

Yuli enjoys parenting classes because she gets to lead everyone in better understanding the child's inner world, to understand the child and to help parents understand themselves, all while learning new methods and tools. She takes inspiration from sharing, PHP and activity feedback, and has laid a solid foundation for her own growth. Teaching Positive Discipline has become her way of spreading love and sowing the seeds of peace for the world.

Cell: 08613521685538

Michelle Bertholle

Auroville, India

Michelle lives and teaches in a Preschool in South India. She aspires to become a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer in order to share Positive Discipline in a deeper way. “What I've applied so far has been focused on my class-community, my colleagues and our parents. About 6 months ago, a core group of teachers and parents formed and we are quite a beautiful group of people dedicated to unending Education, seeing ourselves as lifelong learners; open to another way of growing all together with the children.”

Michelle would like to be able to share Positive Discipline with everybody who wish to explore its depth in Tamil Nadu - the state where she lives. Her city and the surrounding villages will be the starting point. The city has about 13 schools in total, all Free of Fees. She wishes to contribute to a better future. “Positive Discipline is a deep, rich and uplifting way to live together.” 

As a teacher, Michelle is very enthusiastic to learn, and challenge herself and others with the way we live and interact in schools and at home.

Email: michelle.bertholle@gmail.com

Cell: +91 9786278232

The applications for each Trainer Candidate listed above were received and approved by November 1, 2016. Any applications approved after November 1, 2016 will be announced in the Winter 2016 newsletter.

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