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international AFFILIATES

International Affiliates are membership organizations that are responsible for translating and communicating the Positive Discipline Association policies and procedures into the local native language, and making it available for people throughout their country or region. Members of an International Affiliate will have dual membership in the U.S. Association.

international TRAINERS

A Certified Positive Discipline Trainer has participated in an advanced training process to strengthen their skills and understanding of Adlerian principles and Positive Discipline facilitation. CPDTs have attained a level of expertise where they are endorsed by the Positive Discipline Association as “Trainers of Trainers” and are recognized for attaining a high level of understanding and competency in utilizing the Positive Discipline model.

Parent Educators and Classroom Educators

A Certified Positive Discipline Educator has successfully completed the intensive training in Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way or Positive Discipline in the Classroom. Upon completion, Educators are encouraged to teach parenting classes if they have chosen the Parent Educator track or use Positive Discipline in their classrooms if they have chosen the Classroom Educator track.

Search our map of Certified Positive Discipline Parent  and Classroom Educators

If you can't find a parenting class in your area, consider taking the Positive Discipline Online Class with Dr. Jane Nelsen and Mary Nelsen Tamborski.

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