Positive Discipline Educator Coaching

Positive Discipline Coaching for Educators is a powerful option designed to help teachers and other school personnel increase their effectiveness and fulfillment in the classroom.  Educator coaching can be the perfect answer for those who have read Positive Discipline books or taken a Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshop and put this model into practice in their own classroom. It can offer direction and support if you:

  • Need clarification on a topic.

  • Are facing a challenge and need help.

  • Just have questions.

Our Educator Coaches are certified as either a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer or Lead Trainer.  With diverse backgrounds and depth of understanding, they are there to listen, give objective feedback, and to encourage and support.  Because of their training, experience, and wisdom, our coaches are skilled at helping the teacher with:
  • Gaining increased understanding of new processes and perspectives.  
  • Integrating the PD model and principles into daily activities.
  • Coalescing classroom experiences into a rich, effective and fun learning process for all.
  • Creating a personalized process that works for individual classrooms.
By teachers gaining increased competency and effectiveness, students will achieve more and develop skills for communication, problem solving and conflict resolution that will last throughout their lives.
contact us at info@positivediscipline.org or or call 866.Pos.Disc (866.767.3472) to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Teresa LaSala, CPDLT
Denville, NJ

Teresa regularly facilitates Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) workshops and has on-going relationships with several schools to develop comprehensive, campus-wide Positive Discipline (PD) Programs.  Her teaching style brings warmth, humor, and enthusiasm to those she works with and easily builds connection and understanding to materials presented.

Her expertise spans many areas including classroom management, in-class support and personal (or child) observation, and establishing a climate which enhances students’ academic learning and the application of PDC management tools.  She has worked one-on-one in classrooms with children who are highly classified  and who have special medical needs.

The combination of personal experiences, professional training in the medical field, and her practical experience as a CPDLT has contributed to Teresa being highly valued as an adviser to a school’s child study team.  She has been brought in as a consultant when students’ In-Class Behavior Modification Plans, 504 plans, and Individualized Educational Plans are being developed.

Contact Information:  Teresalasalacpda@aol.com or 973-713-4295

Jody McVittie, M.D.
Seattle, WA

Jody McVittie, MD has been an educational consultant for 16 years. She mentors and coaches administrators, teachers and school staff so that they can create learning environments where students and educators learn and thrive.  Jody received her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University and worked as a family physician in both California and Washington before shifting to focus on broader community issues that impact all of our health including education and parenting.  Her dream is to build healthy communities by supporting parents, teachers and students so that they work together in relationships founded on deep mutual respect.  Jody is an ICF certified coach. To arrange a time or ask questions please contact her at jody@encouragingsolutions.net or 206.782.1595. Her website is www.encouragingsolutions.net

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