Tracy McConaghie


Teaching Positive Discipline is one of Tracy McConaghie’s favorite things to do! Her style is warm, humorous, and enthusiastic. She has provided Positive Discipline instruction to many schools and parent organizations, and served as a workshop provider for the Georgia Independent School Association and the Georgia Association of Social Work.

Tracy and her husband are the owners of McConaghie Family Counseling in Roswell, Georgia where they work as psychotherapists serving children, adolescents, adults and families. In addition, Tracy provides parent coaching using the Positive Discipline model in her practice. Tracy and her husband are avid followers of Positive Discipline in their own family, for which their daughter and son are grateful!

Tracy enjoys providing workshops on the following topics:
Positive Discipline in the Classroom
Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way
Positive Discipline for Preschoolers
Positive Discipline for Adolescents
Sibling Rivalry
How to Avoid Power Struggles
What Your Teen Wants You To Know

Here are some comments from participants in Tracy’s workshops:

“She is interesting, in touch, and a terrific facilitator!”

“Tracy is able to present information in a positive, encouraging way with a willingness to provide real life advice, not just theory.”

“Informative, insightful and enjoyable!”

“I am much calmer, more understanding, and in fewer power struggles.”

Tracy McConaghie, LCSW
5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 75
Alpharetta, GA 30022

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