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New Jersey

Teresa LaSala

Teresa loves her work providing Positive Discipline (PD) training, consultation and supportive services. With 23 years experience as a Licensed Nurse in the areas of Family and Pediatric Care, Child Development, General Medicine and Cardiac Care, Teresa gained a wealth of knowledge about “the whole child” which adds to the depth of her teaching as a Certified Positive Discipline Associate. Her teaching style is engaging - she brings warmth, humor, and enthusiasm to all her workshops. She actively builds a sense of connection and understanding to the materials presented and between all those participating.
Teresa’s passion and primary focus the past 10 years has been to continue her work with children, “nursing the spirit of the child” by consulting in public, private, charter and parochial schools throughout New Jersey and surrounding states. She regularly facilitates Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) workshops and has on-going relationships with a number of schools to develop a comprehensive, campus-wide Positive Discipline (PD) Program. She strongly supports the involvement and commitment of all “stakeholders” -- administrators, teachers, students and parents – and encourages schools to offer a series of PD programs that build this type of partnership.

After providing a PDC workshop, Teresa ensures she is available to teachers directly in a variety of ways, including classroom management, in-class support and personal (or child) observation, and establishing a climate which enhances students’ academic learning and the application of PDC management tools. She also has worked with Administrators to support character development through implementing PD as part of the school’s daily curriculum.
In addition, the combination of her personal experiences, professional training in the medical field, and her practical experience as a Certified Positive Discipline Associate has contributed to Teresa being highly valued as an advisor to a school’s child study team. She has been brought in as a consultant when developing students’ In-Class Behavior Modification Plans, 504 plans, and Individualized Educational Plans. She has worked one-on-one in classrooms with highly classified children and beside children with special medical needs.
When in a school, Teresa especially enjoys being available for, and personally getting to know, as many students as possible. In several schools where she works, the students call her “the peace lady” because of her role in teaching and modeling PD listening and conflict resolution skills. This is a title she loves!
Parent education through schools, community organizations, child care centers and churches is another area of great passion for Teresa. She is available as a speaker, annually teaches a 7 week Parenting with Positive Discipline series, and has provided numerous workshops and classes on many topics pertinent to living and working with children.
Teresa resides in Denville, NJ with her husband Jim, an attorney and musician. She has two daughters, Meaghan and Lauren, ages 20 and 18. They have been raised with the Adlerian methods of Positive Discipline since they were 3 and 5 years old – and actively use the skills in all areas of their lives! Teresa is the youngest of 5 children, loves camping, girlfriends, any body of water, community service and, most of all, her family.
Parenting from the Heart with Positive Discipline
Positive Discipline for Parents and Teenagers
Dealing with Power Struggles
Understanding the Goals of Misbehavior
Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Served on the Positive Discipline National Board of Directors since 2004.
Received an award from the NJ State Department of Education for implementing a “Role Model Character Education Program” as part of the team from Unity Charter School of Morristown, NJ.
Presented a program on Positive Discipline in the Classroom at the 10th Anniversary NJ State Charter Summit by invitation from the NJ State Department of Education.
Presented a Positive Discipline workshop, with fellow PD Associates, at the National Association for the education of Young Children (NAEYC) 2005 Conference.
Created, designed, produced and marketed the Positive Discipline in the Classroom Marketing Packet, used nationally by the Positive Discipline Association.
Compiled the Positive Discipline Marketing Disc which is available to all PD   Associates through the Positive Discipline Association
"Great Class!! Great Material!! Great Experiential Activities!!
Take the class!! Don't wait another minute.
Your life and family life will change for the better.
Read the PD book! Then read it again, again and again!!!
Robin Sidwa, Morristown, NJ
Taking the class is the best way to spend your time!
It not only helps with your children, it feels good!"
Charlie Sidwa, Morristown, NJ
"PD has given me tools to use t
o help make my family relationships better.
I'm so grateful."
Dana Nitzchel, Long Valley, NJ
"The PD class gave an entirely new approach to parenting
based on respect and kindness instead of power and punishment.
It was great!”
Charlie Sidwa, Morristown, NJ
PARITICIPANT COMMENTS (Positive Discipline in the Classroom Workshops)
"The entire class was so effective!
I now see all my years of teaching experience through new eyes!
I can't wait to get back into the classroom and get started!”
Maria Larsen, Wharton, NJ
"The class was great!
We gained incredible knowledge and insight
while having fun at the same time!!”
Chris Olaren, Wharton, NJ
“This workshop is the best!
Read, read, read PD in the Classroom!
There is so much we can learn!”
"This class opened my eyes
to a different way of interacting with children! Unbelievable!”
Mrs. Bryant, Queen City Academy, Plainfield, NJ
"This workshop was great!
I especially liked the activities that reinforced the materials and concepts presented.
It provided essential tools for effective discipline
and for building respectful relationships!”
(Anonymous) Teacher, Queen City Academy, Plainfield NJ

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