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We are so grateful for the hard work of the Think Tank Planning Committee: Nadine Gaudin, Kelly Pfeiffer, and Casey O'Roarty! This year 128 Positive Discipline members attended Think Tank including Educators, Trainers, and Lead Trainers. Nineteen countries were represented. There were two group dinners on Friday evening that were well attended as well as a dinner Sunday night at the Cosmopolitan. The Silent Auction was a big success. Thank you to Talin Yesaie and Gina Graham as well as the entire Silent Auction team for their support and planning. Also, thank you to Carol Dores for coordinating all logistics and facilities on site at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego. Finally, if you have not done so already, please complete the Think Tank 2016 evaluation sent to you. Having all participants' feedback and comments is important.

Save The Date

Please Save the Date for Think Tank 2017 - Click Here for Details

Positive Discipline Think Tank: July 13-14, 2017

Positive Discipline Conference: July 15, 2017

Location: Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Positive Discipline Association is collaborating with ICASSI (International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes) so that as a Positive Discipline member, you can attend Conference, Think Tank and ICASSI back-to-back!  ICASSI starts July 16th. ICASSI has one and two week class options.

What is ICASSI?

ICASSI is a non-profit educational organization with an international mission to promote the study of Individual Psychology as taught by Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. In addition to the Rudolf Dreikurs Summer Institute, many ICASSI faculty members support related initiatives throughout the year giving lectures and presentations, helping with training programs and encouraging development of Adlerian associations in various nations. ICASSI and its faculty members also support publication and translation of Dreikurs’ original works.


There were three ACT's following Think Tank in San Diego. Two ACT's were in English. One facilitated by Jane Nelsen and Lois Ingber and another facilitated by Lori Onderwyzer and Jane Weed-Pomerantz. Dina Emser and Dodie Blomberg facilitated a Chinese ACT with translation. 

English ACT

Jane Nelsen and Lois Ingber:  Bernadette Rodrigues, Brazil; Neda Djavdan-Badcoubei, Netherlands; Claudia Hernandez, United States; Kim Sunghwan, Korea; Kristin Hovious, United States; Cristina Sanz Ferrero, Spain; Orie Medicine Bull, United States; Susan Su, China; Melody Fananapazir, United States; Shuli Zheng, China; Ying Wu,  China; Irma Campillo, Mexico.

English ACT

Lori Onderwyzer and Jane Weed-Pomerantz with Steven Foster assisting:  Wang Ying, China; Ana Maria Reyes Castro, Columbia; Nuria Rodriguez, Spain; Liliana Nieto, Columbia; Maria Betancur, Columbia; Jody Malterre, United States; Analisa Marie Williams, Panama; Jana Kotsur, United States; Maria del Rosario Supiciche, Mexico; Li (Cherry) Zhou; Lucy Xin, China; Ruth Broekhuizen, Netherlands; Catherine McCracken-Jones, United States.

ACT with Chinese Translation

Dina Emser and Dodie Blomberg with Kelly Pfeiffer assisting: The following Trainer Candidates, all from China, successfully completed their ACT in San Diego with Chinese Translation. Thank you to Justine Yao from Taipai, Taiwan and Flora Hua from Beijing, China for their work providing translation throughout this 5-day bi-lingual ACT. Congratulations to the following:  Ma Shaobin, Tingna Xu, Li Jiang, Huiming Xue, Yuqi Yang, Si Liu, Melody Fu, Zhuo Cai, Wenjing Luo, Wang Yuping, Geyin Zhang, Xiao(Sam) Yang. 

EAST COAST conference 2016

The Positive Discipline Association is proud to present an East Coast Conference in Stamford, CT. This conference is open to the public and full of presentations on Positive Discipline topics.  Click Here for Details

Preceded by two-day Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way workshop facilitated by Carol Dores and Mary Nelsen-Tamborski.

Followed by a two-day workshop on Positive Discipline in the Classroom facilitated by Carol Dores and Lois Ingber.

Lead Trainer Policy Update

Criteria for Becoming a Lead Trainer:

  • Maintained active status in PDA for a minimum of 3 years at the Trainer level.
  • Taught at least 10 core workshops (TP and/or PDC), with evaluations submitted to PDA for each workshop. (An equivalent also could be 6 core workshops and 6 parenting classes or 6 core workshops and 6 school trainings, or an approved combination recognized as equivalent).
  • Attended at least 3 Think Tanks.
  • Presented at least once at Think Tank.
  • Mentoring experience such as: leads a mentor group, mentoring Trainer Candidates or other Trainers.
  • Had additional training in Adlerian philosophy — either through self — study, or by attending NASAP, ICASSI, or regional Adlerian training.
  • Contributed to the Leadership of the PDA (e.g., by chairing a project, actively serving on a committee, or the board for at least one year).

Please send LT documentation of the above to info@positivediscipline.org for your file. For a full overview of trainer certification please visit www.positivediscipline.org/positive-discipline-trainer

Research Update

Monica Holliday, Psy.D., Kristin Hovious, and Dana Thomas, Ed.S., three Positive Discipline Parent Educators in Chicago, Illinois, completed data collection in the randomized control group study designed by Eva Dreikers Ferguson in collaboration with the Positive Discipline Association. Monica, Kristin, and Dana spent many hours volunteering to support this research effort. They recruited 36 families to participate in the study. Participants attended pre-interview sessions, where surveys were completed by both parents and children. Families were then randomly assigned to experimental or control groups. Class attendance and enthusiasm were high, and these Positive Discipline Parent Educators enjoyed working and learning together. They shared about their research procedures and need for replication at a Think Tank breakout session. We are looking for other PDA members to help by replicating this study. For this work to be published in a major journal, there needs to be a minimum of 120 families included. Carol Dores, Co-Chair of the PDA and Robin Eckstein are replicating the Chicago study this fall in Connecticut.   Others are stepping forward as well on a global level. Julia Parks, a PDA member and Chief Office or Adler Korea, is also collaborating as well as Shuli Zheng and Angela Zhang from China. 

Please contact Kelly Gfroerer at Kelly@PositiveDiscipline.org if you are interested in learning more and helping with this effort which is an important step toward Positive Discipline Parent Education being recognized as a Best-Practice and Evidence-based.

Committee and TAsk Force Updates

Mentor Committee

The Mentor Committee is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Mentor Committee is actively working on streamlining the process for connecting with a mentor as well as making mentoring more accessible to new members.  We are rewriting old documents as well as creating a new process for continuing the mentor relationship once the Candidate has completed Advanced Training (ACT).
  • The Mentor Committee is also working on organizing Zoom Mentor Meetings. This will help PDA members connect and help mentoring happen on a globally basis. The European Mentor group currently uses Zoom for their meetings which has been very successful. We hope to support replicating this format across the globe.
  • At Think Tank surveys were distributed to get feedback on how the mentor process is working.  The Committee also plans to send this survey out on-line, so those not at Think Tank can provide feedback.
  • list of mentor groups is now worldwide on the website. 
If you have a mentor group not currently listed on the PDA website, please email the group information to info@positivediscipline.com, so it can be added as a resource in your local area.

Announcing 2016-2017 Task Forces:

At Think Tank Task Force groups were posted for members to sign up and contribute on specific tasks needed to support the PDA. If you did not sign up at Think Tank and would like to contribute on any of the following Task Force work, please email info@positivediscipline.org.

2016-2017 Task Forces include:  

Research Task Force. This group will focus on continued efforts to support parent and school evidence-based studies.

Think Tank 2018 Location Task Force. This group will explore options for Think Tank in 2018 locations in San Diego. 

Translation Task Force. This group will work on translating Positive Discipline forms needed in other languages (for example ACT forms). These volunteers also will contribute by helping translate other PDA communication (for example email announcements), so our members can receive this information in their native language.

Announcing New Trainer Candidates

Celine Chicote-Navas

Hong Kong

Celine has been practicing Positive Discipline in her home since 2011. An NLP Master Coach, she is also a life coach, choir director and a former music teacher in the classroom (French public school and French American school). From her experiences in schools she is motivated to diffuse positivity! She believes that screaming teachers need encouragement and tools to adopt a different attitude and that, no matter the cultural background, Positive Discipline can make a more peaceful and respectful environment in homes and schools.

Email: ctchicotenavas@gmail.com

Cell: +85267791079

Muriel Morgan

London, England

Muriel has worked as a teacher for the last 12 years in Belgium, Kenya and the United Kingdom. She discovered Positive Discipline soon after her first son was born. She now uses Positive Discipline at home and in her classes, and as a co-facilitator of parent workshops. In Kenya, as well as teaching, Murial was involved in supporting two NGOs: She established the nonprofit IDAY network in East Africa. IDAY-International is a network of civil society organisations committed to basic education for all in Africa. She facilitated training sessions on "basics of classroom teaching" to more than 100 untrained teachers from the Kangemi slums.

Email: muriel.julian@gmail.com

Cell: +447450796915

Angelica Joya

Catalunia, Spain

Angelica is a Clinical Psychologist and mother of two children, ages 3 and 5. Positive Discipline has become her life project (even her husband is now a Parent Educator). At home, her family experiences a continuous process of transformation, and through the parent workshops she has facilitated, she is just beginning to understand how strong Positive Discipline truly is.

Email:  angelica@impliquo.com

Cell: +34 608 23 05 48

Miruna Jovin

Bucharest, Romania

Miruna’s aim is to advocate for Positive Discipline to be required by law as part of the national teacher training in Romania. She has also applied for funds to organize workshops for parents in high-risk communities as a prevention of violence against children.

Email: miruna.jovin@gmail.com

Cell: 0040726237433

Maria Betacur

Medellin, Colombia

María is a preschool teacher, mother of two and member of Grupo de Puericultura, a children’s research organization in Columbia. She has taught more than 30 Positive Discipline workshops, not only for parents but also for babysitters, teachers, maids and grandparents. She is excited to spread the knowledge she has acquired throughout Medellin.

Email: malejabo@yahoo.com

Cell: 3002954902

Candace (Cai) Zhou 

Guangzhou (Canton), China

Before becoming a Parent Educator, Candace was a hospital nurse. In March 2015, after attending Positive Discipline Core Workshops, Candace quit her job and started facilitating parent education classes. Since then, she’s held classes every month. As a Trainer Candidate, she will be dedicated to helping more parents improve their relationships with their children and as well as their own parents.

Email: 30165887@qq.com

Cell: 13632449562

Yuping (Andy) Wang

Guangzhou (Canton), China

Shortly after discovering Positive Discipline in 2014, Andy quit her full-time real estate job and decided to devote everything she had to teaching and promoting Positive Discipline. She is eager to learn more, help more parents and eventually become a Positive Discipline Trainer.

Cell: 13926479071

Ting Xu

Fuzhou, China

Ting is working hard to spread Positive Discipline in the city of Fuzhou. She works with 13 colleagues on Positive Discipline education programs. Together these educators have held over 17 parenting classes since they started collaborating to promote Positive Discipline 5 years ago.


Cell: 8618650761703

Maria Soto Alvarez de Sotomayor

A Coruna, Spain

This past year Maria received calls almost every day from school principals, local administrators, foundations, parents and educators who read her articles or follow her on social networks. She is excited to share Positive Discipline through her next project called "Educa Bonito," which means "Beautiful Education."  

Email:  educabonito@gmail.com

Cell: +34 627274797

Ying (Emily) Wang

Beijing, China

Ying is a mother and college English Teacher. She has facilitated 12 sessions of 18-hour PD parenting classes, given many lectures to parents and college teachers. She plans to continue facilitating Positive Discipline parenting classes and eventually, wishes to train educators.

Email:  369755281@qq.com

Cell: 15810111737

Wenjing (May) Luo

Haikou, China

May Luo is a full-time mother who sees a great need for Positive Discipline in China, which is home to 400 million families. Her passion is to learn, to share, to help others. May Luo’s vision is to create such a world, where the children have a bright smile and parents and teachers have are helped by Positive Discipline. In order to achieve such a wonderful world she would like to contribute and learn more about Positive Discipline and Adler’s psychology.

Cell: 86-15501885311

Mylena Fuentes

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mylena is the Primary School Counsellor in the British International School of Jeddah. In April, she advertised a Parenting Course, hoping that 20 parents would register, and ended up with 50+ people registered! She plans to offer two more parenting workshops in the coming year. She is excited to continue her training in Positive Discipline.

Cell: 966 558833463

Leyen Wang

Beijing, China

Since Positive Discipline entered Leyen’s life, she no longer struggles with her parents, colleagues and child like she once did. Leyen plans on spreading the word to more people and aspires to eventually become a Lead Trainer.

Cell: 18612908615

Ana Maria Reyes Castro

Medellin, Colombia

Ana María has led more than 20 Positive Discipline classes, she is a member of Grupo de Puericultura at Antioquia's University, and has a Facebook page called "Firmeza y Afecto Disciplina Positiva", with more than 20.000 followers. She dreams of a Medellin where every child can be raised and educated by Positive Discipline parents and teachers.

Cell: 3002530310

Fatma Sheibani

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Fatma moved to Saudi Arabia 11 years ago from Canada and feels that the Middle East is an area that desperately needs Positive Discipline. Her goal is to have Positive Discipline in the Classroom eventually translated into Arabic. Fatma views the tools that Positive Discipline provides as powerful, and she can't imagine a more inspiring, simple and empowering way to make a difference in communities around the world.

Email: fatmas@gmail.com

Cell: +966559020720

Adam Ebrahim

Fresno, California, USA

As a Literacy Consultant, Adam works to support students from concentrated poverty and all of the struggles that accompany growing up in hard situations. His goal is to use his existing network across the United States to provide training in Positive Discipline and improve the way adults and students relate to each other.

Email: adammebrahim@gmail.com

Cell: (559) 779-2072

Li Jia

Beijing, China

Li is a mother to twin sons and will soon celebrate her third child, a daughter. She plans to work full-time for the dissemination of Positive Discipline, using it to bring up her own children and also to share the experiences and methods with more parents.

Email: mangorere@aliyun.com

Cell: 18611663155

Suzanne Walters

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Suzanne’s family members love to tell her that the Bible says, “If you spare the rod, you spoil the child.” As a Trainer Candidate, Suzanne plans on sharing Positive Discipline with families that have similar beliefs. She’s also passionate about the achievement disparity between children from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and is happy she will be able to provide them with researched long-lasting techniques that build responsibility and self-reliance.

Email: suzanne.walterseducates@gmail.com

Cell: (347) 819-2231

Areli Orpinal Delgado

Monterrey, Mexico

As a Perinatal and Breastfeeding Educator, Areli believes that the principles and tools of Positive Discipline are the best way to carry out respectful parenting. Areli’s intention is to bring Positive Discipline to more families in her country through her company, Maternando y Criando.

Email: maternandoycriando@gmail.com

Cell: 0448180245849

Deneen Bowen

Seattle, Washington, USA

Deneen’s work with educators over the past 20 years has been driven by her interest in engaging and empowering the student voice. Her purpose to be trained as a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate is to provide the range of services that Sound Discipline is offering to the schools, including experiential activities and inspiring teachers.

Email: deneen@sounddiscipline.org

Cell: (206) 488-3472

Reyna Sofia Mata Estevez

Tlalnepantla De Baz, Mexico

Reyna has been sharing the Positive Discipline philosophy for almost three years, carrying the message to more than 38,000 followers on social media and starting a radio show on parenting. Her goal is to generate a large group of Positive Discipline facilitators in her community.

Email: somatevez@gmail.com

Cell: 55 27382718

Teresa Hurliman

Spokane, Washington, USA

Teresa has had several opportunities to observe, collaborate and co-facilitate PDC workshops with her mentor, Dr. Jody McVittie. As a Trainer Candidate, she plans to offer classes and coach teachers in the implementation of Positive Discipline in schools in Eastern Washington.

Email: teresahurliman@gmail.com

Cell: (509) 570-6660

Daniela Maria Soto Zúñiga

Heredia, Costa Rica

Daniela not only believes that becoming a Trainer Candidate is a perfect complement to her career but also sees it as a way to perform better with her children and to bring the message to families, institutions, schools and colleges in her country.

Email: dasozu@gmail.com

Cell: +506 83281600

Jennifer Giomi

Seattle, Washington, USA

Jennifer’s introduction to Positive Discipline began 17 years ago and in January 2015, she started training as a Sound Discipline facilitator, working with teachers and educators around classroom management and trauma-informed discipline. Becoming a Trainer Candidate is an important next step in her professional development.

Email: jgiomi@comcast.net

Cell: (206) 931-4303

Lucia Perez

Lima, Peru

Lucia’s plan is to promote the use of Positive Discipline in order to show parents another way to raise children without physical or emotional punishment (something that is very common in her country) by providing them the tools to achieve a harmonious environment at home.

Email: luciandpp@yahoo.es

Cell: 980795850

Xiong Wei

Beijing, China

Xiong wants to spread the message of Positive Discipline to parents who want support with their own parenting efforts. She plans to continue to hold parenting classes and workshops, readings public lectures and other activities in her community.Xiong wants to spread the message of Positive Discipline to parents who want support with their own parenting efforts. She plans to continue to hold parenting classes and workshops, readings public lectures and other activities in her community.

Email: 1292920026@qq.com

Cell: 13381050268

Suzanne Mohnani

St. Julians, Malta

Suzanne is currently embracing the task of changing the traditional disciplinary system of her school to Positive Discipline. As the present chairperson of the Malta Adlerian Psychology Association, her dream of infusing Positive Discipline into Malta is now becoming a reality.

Email: m.sue@hotmail.com

Cell: 79709155

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