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Abla Benbachir


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I am a 42 year-old mother of two: Alia a 10 year old girl and Shems an 8 year old boy. We all live with my husband Oussama Esmili in Casablanca, Morocco. I had my MA degree in clinical psychology from René Descartes (Paris V. France) University in 2001.
In September 2001 I joined ANAIS association ( which educates mentally disabled children and offers them therapeutic support. During the 3 years I spent at this organization, I took the position of a resident psychologist in charge of supporting educators in their day to day practice. We managed to design a pedagogical program that takes into consideration the children’s age and disability level. We also worked on how educators can make use of listening and interaction with the children. On another level, I provided support to parents on how to deal with their mentally and/or physically disabled children through weekly sessions. I also took part in a reflection to create a support unit for down syndrome children and a center that helps older children get a job.
Starting 2005, I needed to broaden my experience range. So I started designing and producing Educational TV programs (Two TV programs in total). As of 2007, my husband and I founded IDEO ( which specializes in producing training modules on different subjects targeted to companies and education.
While Oussama and I were looking for ways to offer our newly born children a sound education, we came across the Positive Discipline on a website. We were quickly drown by the actions undergone to disciminate the approach of non-violent education among parents and teachers.
Since then, I have read a lot about this approach and discovered Adler’s and Dreikurs’ ideas and got to know as the American and French association’s trainings. In fact, my first training was in Paris with the French association of Positive discipline and then participated in a series of workshops and conferences for parents and teachers.
My objective in the coming years is to help parents get the best of the positive discipline. I attended the Advanced Certifate Training in February 2016 to deepen my understanding, knowledge and practice.I facilitate workshops for parents and teachers and do my best to develop this approach in Morocco through a facilitator’s network, by creating the Morrocan Positive Discipline Association (
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