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Executive Director - Kelly Gfroerer

Dr. Kelly Gfroerer is the Executive Director for the Positive Discipline Association. She is a Positive Discipline Trainer. Kelly has been a teacher, school counselor, and educational consultant working in the Atlanta area for over two decades. Kelly is co-author with Dr. Jane Nelsen of the book, Positive Discipline - Tools for Teachers. It is based on the Positive Discipline Tool Cards for Teachers which they also created.

Co-Chair - Kelly Pfeiffer

Kelly Pfeiffer has been teaching the Positive Discipline curriculum for over twenty years, is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and is a founding member of the Positive Discipline Association. Kelly has experience as a Training Coordinator for a statewide government agency and she has actively contributed to the professional development of Positive Discipline Educators and Trainers by planning many educational events and Positive Discipline Trainer certification workshops for the Positive Discipline Association. After raising her children using Positive Discipline tools, Kelly has traveled to Europe, Asia and South America to train Positive Discipline Educators and Trainers and to administer and support professional development events sponsored by the Positive Discipline Association.

Co-Chair - Núria Rodríguez Font

Núria is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Founder of Positive Discipline Labs, and Member of the Positive Discipline Association in Spain. She has worked in personnel development for more than 20 years in multinational companies and schools. This has included work in Human Resources and as Senior Change Management Consultant for various industries like IT/Telecom, Insurance Services, Financial Services, and Public Institutions. While working in schools, Núria was a Middle and High School teacher, Head of an SEL and Counseling Program, and a High School Principal.  She specializes in helping teams, schools, and organizations manage change through the design of implementation plans and accompanying them in the process. Núria has experienced the value of Positive Discipline in her role as parent to 3 children between the ages of 12 and 26, teacher, high school principal, and educational consultant.

Officer: Secretary - Lois Ingber

Lois Ingber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer. As a therapist, trainer, consultant, and coach, she has helped families and schools create greater cooperation and mutually respectful relationships for over 30 years. Lois is a frequent presenter at conferences on the topics of Adlerian Psychology, parenting, and creating cooperative classrooms and schools. She is co-author with Jane Nelsen, Aisha Pope, and Mary Nelsen Tamborski of the 'Positive Discipline Tools for Kids’ program for social-emotional learning. Lois says the two best things she has done in her life are being married to her husband and being mother to their daughter, now a young adult.

Officer: Treasurer - Suzie Bohm

Suzie Bohm is the Treasurer for the Positive Discipline Association.  She is a financial consultant residing in Atlanta, Georgia.  Suzie has practiced accounting for over twenty years, working with companies of all sizes from start-ups to global enterprises.  She graduated from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. 

Director - Omneya Askar

Omneya Askar is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and Founder of the Arab Positive Discipline - Egypt Affiliate. A former teacher and school principal, she believes in the universality of Positive Discipline and Adlerian principles, and in their alignment with her values and culture. Omneya has trained hundreds of parents and teachers across Egypt and the Middle East. To support parents during Covid-19, she offered Positive Discipline live workshops on Facebook that reached an audience of about 250,000 people. Omneya is the mother of four girls whom she considers her main source of love, learning, and inspiration.

Director - Eva Dwight

After teaching English Language Arts for 12 years, Eva Dwight earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling and worked as a school counselor in Mesa, AZ for 20 years. She is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and a parent/educator coach, as well as co-chair of the NASAP Education committee.

Director - Esmat Lamei

Esmat Lamei is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer from Egypt. She is the founder and CEO of Groupe Scolaire Oasis (GSO), the umbrella organization for Oasis International School which has been a Positive Discipline Lab School since 2018. She has over 30 years of experience heading and leading  K-12 schools in Cairo. Her commitment goes beyond her own school as evidenced by a signed protocol between GSO and the Ministry of Education where Esmat leads the Public Egyptian International School implementing Positive Discipline. Esmat recently became a grandmother and is experiencing the value of Positive Discipline in a different light with her remarkable grandson.

Director -  Aisha Pope

Aisha Pope is a Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer from California, USA. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the San Diego Center for Children specializing in serving marginalized communities including Black and Indigenous People of Color, LGBTQ+ Families, foster families, youth birth to 5 and their caregivers, and those who have trauma or behavioral health challenges. Aisha is passionate about Social Justice and using Adlerian and PD principles to support social justice work. She is one of the authors of the upcoming PD Tools for Kids Social Emotional Learning. Aisha is married to Don and is the proud  mom of 16-year-old Jayden and 8-year-old Maya.     

Director - Vanessa Zablah

Vanessa is a Positive Discipline Trainer, Personal Coach, and Family Counselor from El Salvador. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, a Master's in Family Counseling, and a Master's in Marriage and Family from the University of Navarra in Spain. To add to her already exceptional education, she is in the process of obtaining a degree in Neuroscience and a third Master's degree in Adlerian Counseling from the Universidad Ramón Llull, also in Spain. With 16 years in Family Counseling and this comprehensive schooling, Vanessa provides classes, workshops, seminars, and lectures in respectful parenting using Positive Discipline. She is passionate about family and believes that solid, happy, and strong families are needed for the good of society and the world. Vanessa has been married for 28 years and is the proud mother of 4 daughters.

Director - Judy Wu

Judy Wu is a Certified Psychological Counselor, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, and Encouragement Consultant Master Trainer in Shanghai, China. She has more than 10 years experience in psychological counseling, working with families and parents, and deep understanding of Adlerian Psychology. Judy has been devoted to promoting Positive Discipline since 2014. She's a mother of twin boys.


Advisor to the Board - Dr. Bill Curlette

William Curlette, Ph.D., is a Professor Emeritus from Georgia State University where he was a faculty member in the Research, Measurement, and Statistics Section of the Department of Educational Policy Studies. Over many years, he worked with faculty in the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services and held a faculty appointment as Professor in that Department. Dr. Curlette is a Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology and for nineteen years was Co-Editor of The Journal of Individual Psychology. During his forty-five years at Georgia State University in the College of Education, he was Department Chair of Educational Policy Studies; Interim Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Graduate Studies; Director of the Center for Educational Research; Director of Research; Director of Graduate Studies; and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation. He has worked with school systems, foundations, and on grants.

Advisor to the Board - LaTysa Flowers

LaTysa Flowers is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate from California, USA. She is a Family Support Specialist and a graduate of the California Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program. LaTysa is a member of the Association of Black Psychologists and the Founder of Parents Empowerment Services that  provides educational advocacy, consultation, and coaching for the parents and caregivers of children with academic, developmental, and social-emotional challenges. She is a facilitator of Empowering People in the Workplace providing leadership and organizational development on anti-racism, cultural responsiveness, and quality inclusive practices to professionals, non-profits, and public serving systems. LaTysa is a Positive Discipline Educator for parents, early childhood, and the classroom. Her life’s work consists of efforts to reduce inequities and bias in learning environments by bringing awareness and training to educators and caregivers. Her most rewarding roles are being the mother to four adult children and "GiGi" to her two grandsons.

Advisor to the Board - Yogi Patel

Yogi Patel is a Certified Montessori Teacher with training from the Association Montessori Internationale and a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer. She founded two Montessori Schools in 2001 in San Diego retiring in 2018. Now, she focuses her passion on a company she founded in 2018, Heartfelt Parenting. Through it, she offers PD seminars and educational training to teachers, parents, and children of all ages in addition to being a consultant. Yogi volunteers as an early childhood advocate at the state level in California. In her advisor role with the PDA, she is focused on Global Community Outreach in high need areas and is interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yogi is passionate and feels fulfilled when helping children and the elderly to obtain and maintain a sense of belonging and significance. She lives in San Diego with her husband and two daughters. 

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