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Pre-Conference Workshops



Parenting in the Real World ~ Brad Ainge & Mary Nelsen-Tamborski

Parenting is hard! Even the best parents make mistakes and lose it sometimes. Brad and Mary (two of Dr. Jane Nelsen's children) will share their successes and failures from years of personal experience raising their own children using the Positive Discipline tools.

Empathy: The Power of "Being With" ~ Deni Camit

This workshop is all about fun ways to learn about the brain and the connection between empathy and wiring the brain for self-regulation.

Wiring the Brain for Capability & Cooperation ~ Julietta Skoog

Brain development in toddlers and preschoolers is filled with potential. Learn how to optimize this development in young children to ready their brain for Kindergarten and grow capability and cooperation. You'll learn through video examples of real parents and children and immediately applicable tips and tricks you can use everyday.


The 3rd Year of Implementation of Positive Discipline as a Whole School Project ~ Esmat Lamei & Fabienne Laboure Abdel-Nour

After two years of implementation, we entered in September 2017 in the maturity phase of our project. We are now consciously skilled: we know we have acquired the skills and knowledge we need and we put our learning into practice regularly, and gain even more confidence as we use our new skills.

Positive Discipline Tools for Teachers ~ Jane Nelsen & Kelly Gfroerer

Positive Discipline Tools provide Adlerian-based strategies to support the development of social-emotional life skills. Experiential activities will help participants practically apply these Positive Discipline tools in to empower and encourage students. Demonstrations will show how each tool helps shift challenges and mistakes to opportunities for learning.

The 4 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner ~ Dina Emser

Teachers graduate, get their first teaching jobs and then wonder why there are so many things about teaching that were not covered in their college education. In this session, we will explore 4 (plus a bonus) of the basic concepts of Positive Discipline that I truly wish someone had told me sooner. These 4 things have the power to create a respectful, connected, engaged and energized classroom community and increase any teacher’s effectiveness.

Advanced Positive Discipline Track

Adler & Positive Discipline ~ Deborah Owen-Sohocki

To demonstrate and experience how understanding the Holism of Alder's Theory can enhance our Positive Discipline Journey.

Bullying Prevention: The Positive Discipline Way ~ Becky Divinski

Using the belonging and significance concept as a cornerstone for bullying prevention, we will explore the definition and causes of bullying and look at ways to use the Positive Discipline tools and concepts to foster a bully-free environment at home and at school.

Positive Discipline for Early Childhood: Meet the New Manual ~ Cheryl Erwin & Steven Foster

This presentation will introduce participants to the themes, key points, and a sampling of activities from the soon-to-be-published ECE manual, and will illustrate how Positive Discipline and Adlerian concepts can be adapted and taught for early childhood.


Aprendiendo a vivir con Montessori y Disciplina Positiva ~ Cristina Sanz-Ferrero

El propósito final de la educación debiera de ser ayudar a cada ser humano a desarrollar confianza, cooperación y amor por la humanidad. Esto solo puede lograrse enfocándonos en fortalezas en lugar de debilidades. Los entornos basados en las filosofías educativas Montessori y Disciplina Positiva ayudan a los niños a descubrir sus capacidades para poder estar en disposición de ayudarse a si mismos y ayudar a los demás.

Maltrato y estrés en primera infancia ~ Marisa Moya

Dependemos de nuestras memorias, no solo de las memorias del afecto recibido sino también de las memorias de cómo se gestionó el caos en nuestras vidas. Efectos de la violencia en el desarrollo infantil.

¿Te gustaría formar hijos capaces en vez de obedientes o negligentes? ~ Tony & Lisseth Orozco

Los padres y educadores aprenderán cómo utilizar adecuadamente la amabilidad y firmeza para formar hijos capaces. Además, experimentarán a través de actividades vivenciales lo que los niños/adolescentes están pensando, sintiendo y decidiendo cuando los padres actúan de forma autoritaria, negligente, permisiva o democrática.

This program is co-sponsored by the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). 

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