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The Positive Discipline Association is the official certifying organization of Positive Discipline training. Certified Educators and Facilitators are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and adhere to professional standards aligned with the Positive Discipline Association’s Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Core Values. Certified Educators and Facilitators are encouraged to maintain an active membership in the association and participate in professional development.




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The actions of Certified Positive Discipline Trainers and Facilitators should reflect positively on the Association and be aligned with the curriculum and our Code of Ethics. The PDA reserves the right to suspend certification if participant feedback warrants the need for additional professional development or there are behaviors that do not represent Positive Discipline in a professional manner.

认证正面管教讲师的行为应该为协会赢得口碑,并与课程要求和《职业道德准则》保持一致。 如果学员的反馈提出讲师在专业上需要额外的提升,或者讲师表现的行为没有以一种专业的方式代表正面管教,PDA保留暂停认证资质的权力。

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