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Positive Discipline Lab Schools are recognized for the intention to broadly implement Positive Discipline. Lab school teachers and staff have received training in Positive Discipline and work closely with a Positive Discipline Certified Trainer or Lead Trainer to support program development.  Positive Discipline activities for students are used to teach important academic, social and emotional skills. The Positive Discipline Class Meeting model provides integrated practice for students solving real life problems. Positive Discipline Parent Education is provided to support parents and caregivers.  Adlerian theory and practical application are intended to be felt throughout the culture and climate of the entire school.

Through interactive workshops Positive Discipline provides an effective discipline approach that integrates social and emotional learning while reducing challenging student behaviors. Some of the benefits of Positive Discipline include:

For Teachers and School Staff:

    • Developing a large toolbox of kind and firm discipline.
    • Establishing explicit classroom and school structures and procedures.
    • Creating an equitable classroom and school community based on mutual respect.
    • Understanding the motivation behind students' misbehavior and how to encourage positive change.
    • Facilitating effective class meetings teaching social skills and problem-solving.
    • Learning Positive Discipline/Adlerian Psychology for use in the classroom and school community.

For Students:

    • Effective social and emotional lessons that improve student attitude about self and others.
    • Improved connections to classmates, teachers and school community.
    • Encourages student voice and engagement in problem solving during class meetings.

For Families and School Community:

    • Positive Discipline education opportunities so that stakeholders are empowered to support in mutually respectful ways.
    • Increased cultural competence for the school community.
    • Common Positive Discipline language amongst those implementing Positive Discipline.

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