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Positive Discipline in the Classroom

  • 23 Feb 2019
  • (EST)
  • 24 Feb 2019
  • (EST)
  • Shanghai, Minhang, China
  • 23

Monica Albwrtini, MS, CPDT

258 Jinfeng Rd.
Shanghai, Minhang, China

Facilitator Information: 
Monica Albertini is a Middle School Counselor at the Shanghai American School Puxi Campus. She earned her master's degree in counseling from Boston University and has been in international elementary and middle school counseling positions for the past 17 years, working in prevention as well as effective interventions with children, families and all members of the school community. She fell in love with Positive Discipline philosophy and programs in 2008. First becoming certified as a Parent Educator and then extending this passion to classroom facilitation in 2012, then Trainer level in 2018. She is an experienced certified PD educator constantly seeking to bring PD tools creatively to classrooms and homes and has used PD tools in K- 12 as a teacher as well as a counselor. She enjoys supporting parents, teachers and students to achieve success through mutually respectful and satisfying relationships. 

Workshop Description: 
This two-day interactive workshop is designed for teachers, counselors, school staff and administrators who want an effective discipline approach that integrates social and emotional learning while reducing challenging student behaviors. Attendees will earn recognition as a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator and will learn to: 

  1. Develop a large teaching toolbox of kind and firm discipline approaches. 
  2. Establish explicit classroom structures and procedures. 
  3. Create an equitable classroom community based on mutual respect. 
  4. Understand the motivation behind students' misbehavior and how to encourage positive change. 
  5. Facilitate effective class meetings teaching social skills and problem-solving. 
  6. Learn Positive Discipline/Adlerian Psychology for use in the classroom and school community. 

Cost: RMB 1200 Regular Registration

To Registerhttps://www.saschina.org/careers/professional-development/earcos-positive-discipline-in-the-classroom 

Monica Albwrtini, monica.albertini@saschina.org, +86 (21)62211445 x 2451

Lodging Information: 

Transportation: Transportation will be provided from the recommended hotel to the Puxi campus. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the airport. 
Recommended Hotel: Intercontinental NECC. Intercontinental NECC Puxi The hotel is close by the school and five minutes walk to the subway.

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